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‘White is white’ is no longer true. These 4 pearls mean 4 spices. And not only for women, for men too!
It looks like a jewel but it melts like a woman in love. It’s white but colourful at the same time. Each and every piece is unique, like each and every person. And even then it will catch your eye. Why?
When orange trees are in blossom, we carefully pick up these little flowers and extract its marvellous perfume. Then, we magically add it to the finest ganache for you.
You hate it or you die for it. Stay alive with our incomparable ginger ganache. One more you said?
Gain time and pleasure: say it with flowers and chocolate. The supreme surprise is that it contains a rose ganache . Ever seen a rose like this?
This white dome helps you reach new heights in taste & pleasure. It melts in the mouth and reveals a creamy coffee ganache. The crest hides a hazelnut to add a touch of crispiness.
When everything looks ugly, opt for beauty, taste and style. This known figure is filled with humour and a praliné that damned all Gods (and human beings too).
Black cherries are terribly good. And we push the torture a little further. Want to know how? Just come and taste.
Once upon a time, a very unique earl grey tea met such a special almond paste that they instantly melted one into the other. The question is: who was first?
This formally dressed chocolate makes every bite a great event. The ganache created with speculoos makes it a bit spicy like those special moments you never forget.
You are right! This little delicacy contains mint from our garden, full of taste and care. We like watching it grow.
Here caramel tastes like nowhere else because it contains four carefully selected spices. Call it ‘caramelest’.
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