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For smart, modern Eve: an apple hiding the finest praliné & puff rice. He won’t resist.
Genuine marzipan made with pure almonds, mixed with a ganache made with a chocolate originating from Costa Rica, and topped with a pistachio. Woww! Who says better?
As you are great chocolate lovers, this sweet heart contains a delicious secret: a ganache made with vanilla originating from islands you all dream about...
A violet ganache to be found in a Bermude-like triangle. The only risk you run is to ask for more.
‘This is not a poppy’ as a famous Belgian painter would have said. It is a poppy ganache. And it tastes like poppy, for sure.
This half balloon has been made with one goal in mind: rewarding yourself. It’s a one shot combination of a superb almond praliné & puffed rice.
The same violet ganache found in the North Pole. No one understands why it wasn’t tried before: it’s our best seller! Tell your friends.
This tank is not filled with petrol but with a ganache made with Tonka bean, you know coming from an exotic tree. It can be (slowly) enjoyed with or without driving licence.
Madras , an exotic ganache perfumed with a touch of safran that sweeps you away on an extraordinary journey.
This mendiant, or beggar, offers you the best tasty chocolate enriched with dry fruits.
No need to be a smuggler to eat this jewel. Made with a 64 carat black ganache. Worth its taste in gold.
Supreme ganache magnified with speculoos, a spiced biscuit typical of Belgium
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