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A cup of hapiness made of praliné à l’ancienne crushed as in the good old days
It’s black or white. Both versions are not only irresistible through their appearance but also because of what’s inside. And you will not be the only one to know
Tonka rhymes with Anca. This famous bean, coming from an exotic tree, offers much more than just nice furniture. It tastes like no words could describe. Ask your taste buds.
Did you known that some butterflies carry coffee? This rare spice is loaded with the best cappuccino there is. Got your net to grab it?
Looking for another butterfly? How about coconut ganache with diced orange? The sky is indeed the limit.
Imagine that a flower of an orange tree meets a superior halzelnut praliné. Close your eyes, open your lips and enjoy.
In this chocolate, one taste makes the summer in all seasons. Guess what…
Yuan is the name of Chinese money. It is worth tasting with passion fruit inside.
This milky leaf will bring you straight down to South of France and its famous nougat of Montélimar . It is unexpectedly mixed with hazelnut praliné.
Double praliné topped with almond pieces to double your enjoyment.
When green tea meets jasmine and the flowers grow as the proverb says.
Raspberry was just a nice berry until Anca had the idea to add to it a very rare pepper. An urgent taste experience to share.
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