Rendez-Vous Chocolat

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We carefully select
the chocolates
we work with
  Capricorn tropic
Venezuela 43%
Peru 64%
Costa Rica 64%
Papua New
Guinea 64%
Granada 64%
Ecuador 71%
Uganda 80%
  Cancer tropic    
Our chocolates
are created
with cocoa pods
of the finest

Venezuela: roasted
A striking milk chocolate with a distinctive toffee flavour and fresh walnut notes.

Peru: bitter & fruity
A slightly bitter taste with a fresh fruity note, enhanced by a bouquet of dried fruit, makes it unforgettable.

Costa Rica: bitter & smoky
A delicate smoky and woody bouquet creates its own characteristic taste.

Granada: fruity taste
A rounded taste, combining a hint of grapefruit, licorice and coffee beans.

Ecuador: floral hint
Its high cocoa content distinguishes itself by its softness and subtle aroma.

Uganda: strong, low acidity
Its high cocoa content provides a supreme taste with hints of earthiness, and a subtle smoky flavour.

Papua New Guinea: acid & tobacco
A bouquet of tobacco and a sheer touch of mushroom give this chocolate an almost sensuous taste.